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    general fabrication

    Spreader Beams & Lifting Frames

    We manufacture Spreader beam and Lifting frames that are custom made to order and according to Professional Engineer (PE) certified drawings, structural calculations and with load test. These lifting frames and beams are mainly used to lift PPVC or PBU which we provide lifting gears (such as wire sling) to match to the tonnage accordingly.

    Spreader Beams

    Spreader beam designed with Safe Working Load of 10ton to 100ton

    HCS Spreader Beam

    Spreader Beam with two Lifting Arm specially designed for lifting Hollow Core Slab with Safe working Load of 10ton to 50tons

    Spreader Beam Type 2

    Spreader Beam with fixed Counterweight specially designed based on client’s site condition and Requirement with Safe Working Load of 5ton – 20ton

    Lifting Frame

    Lifting Frame designed for lifting PPVC / PBCU with Safe Working Load of 10tons to 60tons

    X Lifting Frame

    Lifting Cross-Frame with movable lifting lugs designed to carry up to 10tons to 50tons

    Lifting Frame with movable I-beam

    This Lifting Frame is designed for a multipurpose lifting. It has two movable I-beam inside its frame and the overall frame is designed to carry out various sizes of PBU and PPVC. It has also a Safe Working Load of 40ton – 80ton