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    general fabrication

    Rolling and Bending Services

    Equipped with sophisticated equipment, Pollisum provides a wide selection of value-adding services for shearing, bending, rolling, pressing, and punching services.

    Rolling Service

    Our rolling machine can use for rolling different thickness of plate with different length and radius.

    Bending service

    Our Bending machine can help for bending different types of steel material like angle bars, c-channels, and other steel sections. Manual bending – If our machine is not applicable to the design, we can also do manual bending by use of fire heating and hammering.

    Press braking

    Our Press braking machine can help in bending of plates. We can bend your plates to a specific angle requirement like for dip or oil trays, brackets, etc.


    Our punching machine allows for the quick and easy creation of holes. We can supply and manufacture holes in a variety of sizes and specific circumstances.

    Shearing of plates

    Our shearing machine allows for the convenient and easy cutting of plates of various thicknesses.


    we can offer also other services like cutting and making holes on different types of steel material and drilling holes of various diameters into plates of varying thicknesses.