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    general fabrication

    Customised Steel Fabrication

    We are fully equipped with the facilities, equipment, qualified welders, engineers, and technical staff to carry out general and structural steel fabrication in Singapore.

    Pollisum undertake welding and fabrication projects including pre-fabrication in our workshop alongside our private wharf. This ensures all fabrication work is carried out with the tightest control before shipment and installation.

    Mud Tank

    Our mud tank is designed for storage of different waste disposal. Our design can be customized with regards on your site condition and its volume requirement. It can also be provided with different accessories such inlet and outlet pipes and access ladder.

    Lifting Material Cage

    Our Lifting Material Cage is designed for safe and convenient lifting of different materials on site or in various areas. Our design can be customized with the dimension and working load capacity. It can also be provided with different accessories such as lifting gears and forklift pocket.

    Concrete Hopper OD 600 X 1450

    Our Concrete Hopper is designed for fast direct unloading of concrete and able add the length for the pipe as requested

    5m3 Self Dumping Bucket

    The Self Dumping Crane Bucket is designed to hold huge volume of materials. The under-the-hook crane attachment makes it hands-free operation which allows the personnel to work safely and systematically.

    5m3 Recumbent Bucket

    Our Recumbent Bucket is specially designed to hold larger capacity with a relatively lower l height to suit various complex terrain at the work sites. A sunny hose can be attached to its valve, which is easily manoeuvre by a spring handle to ease control.